AD Services offers a suite of services from welcoming tenants to their new homes, caring for their maintenance needs to assisting them when they are ready to move.

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Preparing for a big move to a new area or city can be quite stressful.

Without knowing much about the area and amenities, it can be quite challenging to find the right place that you are happy with.

AD Services have immense experience in properties in and around the Birmingham area to provide you the best advice for your needs. We are prepared to work with you to find the most comfortable space for you to call home, for the duration that you need. From searching, screening and providing other options available for your needs, we can also help with landlord negotiations on your behalf.

When you are ready to move in, we can help set up the necessary utilities so that you can move straight in without wasting too much effort or time on setting up. 

Prioritising tenant needs with our services

  • Tenant Eye: We’ll help you make the best decision before you move in. Property & location consultation, Ideal property search & screening, negotiation with landlord, end-to-end document coordination (references, tenancy agreement, legal certificates, deposit, etc.)
  • Settle-in Introduction: Expedite living comfortably in your new place. Utility and white goods demonstration, inventory crosscheck and amendment if necessary
  • Full Settle-in Service: We take care of the admin, you just move in and live comfortably. Utility and white goods demonstration, inventory crosscheck and amendment if necessary, broadband registration, utilities registration, TV licence coordination and council tax registration

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